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 4 Day Outline of Basic Implant Training Module

Comprehensive Implantology for the General Practice is a program designed for the general dental practitioner who wishes to include Dental Implants in the treatment options he or she offers patients wishing to replace missing teeth.

It has been meticulously crafted to impart exceptional understanding and skills of the field in an efficient and practical way to empower the practitioner to effectively plan and execute world class implant therapy without impinging on the ethics of the profession.

The program is designed into one modules, giving a general overview of dental implantology. Individual modules can cater to a specific need for training while collectively they can take the avid participant from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels.

the curriculum

Day 1:

  • Registration
  • Introduction
  • Implantology: An Overview
  • Surgical Standpoint
  • Bone; Considerations
  • Bone (continued)

Day 2 :

  • Recap
  • Armamentarium
  • Hands on (Models)
  • Soft Tissue

Day 3 :

  • Soft Tissue Considerations
  • Prosthetics
  • Hands on (Animal Heads)

Day 4 :

  • Recap
  • Actual Case Discussions
  • Complications
  • Gala Dinner and Awards

Day 5 :

  • Individual case management
  • Networking
  • Introduction into up to date technologies
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